Our Mission.

On September 11, 2001, our world came to the crossroads. Total Victory has been called to help answer the question, “Where do we go from here?” “Stand at the crossroads, and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and find rest for your souls,” (Jeremiah 6:16). Our purpose is to use all forms of media to entertain, reveal the Truth and show people the Way to experience the Life of total victory.

Total Victory is a non-profit organization located in Fallbrook, California. Total Victory provides faith-based services and support to communities through programs designed to entertain, enrich, and lead others to the Truth. A television series, Total Victory Today is the primary vehicle to depict the total victory lifestyle and help others grow in their faith, with additional programs including radio programming, magazine/newspaper projects, cell phone "mobisodes", interactive websites and training planned for the future. Humor, drama, music and testimonies are used to teach people to recognize when they need to stop and ask for directions on their journey in life, and what roadmap they need to reference. Total Victory presents these messages as joyous celebrations of the total victory that we have today.

Where do we go from here? This question and the answer to it are the very essence of Total Victory’s exciting project: a lifestyle television program called Total Victory Today TV. The program consists of entertaining and life changing information, and is designed to be appealing by celebrating and reinforcing the values and joys of life. Think of it as a faith-based The Tonight Show. There are man-on-the-street segments, celebrity interviews, musical guests, comedy life lessons, finance and investment information, animal guests, health and fitness tips, and cooking. Total Victory Today TV has the same spice as the Tonight Show but adds the most critical ingredient to any lifestyle program – the Truth.

Total Victory Today TV currently broadcasts through the Time Warner Cable System. We receive encouraging emails from viewers stating they have been informed and inspired through Total Victory Today TV…, The Truth always does that. We are pursuing other broadcast partners with the intent of a national outlet.

In 2007 we were blessed with our web site www.TotalVictoryToday.com going live. We have begun to see a dramatic increase in traffic to the site as we have posted clips from the television shows as well as offer daily reading suggestions, faith-based news and blogs. We were very excited to receive encouragement through www.TotalVictoryToday.com in the form of online donations supporting the work of Total Victory!

Total Victory has been given the opportunity to work with a food vendor out of Fallbrook, CA, Pedro’s Tacos. In conjunction with the relationship with Pedro’s, Total Victory was able to provide video services and support to a military appreciation day for a group of Marine families at Camp Pendleton in California. Through www.TotalVictoryToday.com and www.PedrosTacos.com these families were able to send greetings of love and support to their family members serving the United States in the Middle Eastern Theater.

Additionally, with Pedro’s Tacos, Total Victory creates, develops and produces trading cards to help create excitement, awareness and raise funds for local high schools’ varsity baseball and field hockey teams.

Other opportunities for Total Victory;

  • Contacted and touring a conference center in Northern Indiana regarding the organization, promotion, and production of a live outreach and broadcast event

  • Touring a piece of property in Colorado regarding a possible retreat and event center

  • Contacted and meeting with a person requesting Total Victory to help in the production of a tour and documentary regarding consequences of decisions and teens (the testimony of this person involves being in a fatal car accident caused by drunk driving)

  • Working with a children’s book publisher in the development of media to further their mission of aiding and educating children all over the world

  • Shoot, edit and present highlight videos for a varsity high school volleyball program

  •    Shoot, edit and present highlight videos for a varsity high school field hockey program

Total Victory continues its relationship with Student Venture. Student Venture is the high school counterpart to the collegiate focused Campus Crusade. This is the fifth year of this partnership and we are blessed to have between 50 and 90 kids that attend a meeting each week.

In October of 2007 the village of Fallbrook, California was attacked by the wild fires that swept across much of the state. Over 200 homes were damaged and/or destroyed. Total Victory was asked to be apart of Fallbrook After The Ashes, an event designed to raise funds for local residents who did not have insurance or were under insured or needed other unforeseen assistance. In charge of media and public relations Total Victory shot and produced b-roll for local news stations as well as a promotional video short that was emailed to additional news agencies. Total Victory also organized, sourced and produced a calendar as a fund raising tool that featured firefighters and their families serving the North County Fire District. Blessed with the relationship with Time Warner along with the other blessings afforded us, the Fallbrook After The Ashes event received numerous media exposures that turned into a strong attendance by visitors and vendors alike. The ultimate blessing was the receiving of funds well over the goal of $100,000.

Total Victory Today TV featured a local Fallbrook man and his inspirational story of fighting the fire, evacuation and returning to another fire that threatened his home and his neighbors for the show that aired in November of 2007. The response was so strong that we rebroadcast the same show in December.

Yes, it is a very busy time. Yes, it is a very faith-stretching time. Yes, it is a very exciting time. Yes, it is a very humbling time. Yes, it is a very blessed time.

We want to thank you for your continued support and look forward to all God has in store for Total Victory Ministries. We want to remind you that we really do have TOTAL VICTORY IN CHRIST and it is available TODAY for anyone and no one can take it away, so REJOICE!