Daily Scriptures.

It's all about a relationship. A genuine, love relationship with Jesus.

How do you go about getting to know someone? You generally hang out with them, talk to them and listen to them. Then the relationship grows and you learn that prioritizing your love relationship with Jesus changes your life. If you really prioritize Him you will be blessed.

In this section of the site you will find Scripture references that we suggest for daily Bible reading. Remember, the Bible is God-breathed, it is the best place to grow in your love relationship with Jesus. There is nothing in life that you have or will encounter that has not been addressed in the word of God.

You want to know where to go from here? Grab the map of life, the Bible, ask for The Way, The Truth and The Life and you will get Him! That's His promise.

We encourage you to let us know what God has put on your heart as you read His word by clicking on the "total victory daily reading blog" button. The words, thoughts, feelings, directions He gives you might also help someone else. You can ask for the input of others regarding your questions. God's word is exciting, is alive, is relevant, has never been disproved and is always victorious. Don't miss it. BibleGateway.com


“Belonging to Christ has definite rewards and here is just one! Thank you Lord!!”


“We all need to go over the inventory of blessings from the Lord each day and truly adore the One who is over all things.”


“Sing out today a new song! His mercies are brand new everyday and His victory is sure!!” Psalm 98:1 (New Living Translation)


“So often we talk about fairness and justice. Check out God's word about justice being victorious!” Matthew 12:20 (New Living Translation)


“When the Lord speaks we need to believe Him. Here is another example of total victory..., rejoice!!” Isaiah 25:8 (Amplified Bible)


“We need to help reassure each other of God's greatness and His love for us. Here are some words from the Lord to us this day.” 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18 (The Message)


“Boy am I excited about what is stored for us and so thankful for the protection given..., thank You Jesus!” Proverbs 2:7 (New International Version)